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    All-in-One Gourmet Mushroom Grow Bag

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    This all-in-one gourmet mushroom grow bag is formulated for easy cultivation of wood-loving and gourmet mushrooms like Oyster, Reishi, Lion's Mane, Pioppino, Maitake and more. To start growing, simply inject a syringe of your preferred wood-loving mushroom into the bag’s injection port! 

    Each bag contains a rich blend of wood substrates and grain and is sterilized using industrial-grade equipment designed for mushroom farms and is quality-controlled to ensure a clean, sterile medium for your mushrooms every time, with no need to transfer grain to substrate.

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    All-in-One Gourmet Mushroom Grow Bag

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    Formulated for wood-loving gourmet mushrooms

    Formulated by mycologists for healthy growth with wood loving mushrooms, this Wood Lover Mix features hardwood shavings and particles precisely blended with rice bran and gypsum to produce a nutrient-rich environment ideal for mycelial growth and fruiting with wood loving species like shiitake, reishi, maitake, and wood ear.

    Injection Port For Liquid Culture

    No need to transfer colonized grain, simply inject a Gourmet Liquid Culture syringe of your preferred wood-loving mushroom into the bag’s self-healing injection port! Removing the step of transferring grain reduces a point of potential outside contamination. This not only means less work for you, but helps keep your harvest healthy.

    Optimum porosity

    The hardwood shavings and particles in this blend are blended for maximum porosity, and then aged 3 months to create the ideal moisture content before being blended with the rice brand and gypsum. Getting moisture levels and porosity right is key to a healthy mushroom harvest.

    Always sterilized, never pasteurized

    Every batch is “always sterilized never pasteurized”, meticulously tested, and carefully handled to prevent outside contamination and ensure product purity.

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    Inoculate your substrate with liquid culture or grain spawn and monitor temperature and humidity as needed.

    Maintain temperature between 70-78 degrees farenheit in a dark area during colonization for rapid growth - too cold, and your mushrooms won't grow - too hot, and you will kill the mycelium! Allow 2-3 weeks for colonization.

    Once colonized, depending on your mushroom, you will either expose the bag to light, or cut a small hole and transfer into a fruiting chamber or humid area with cooler temperatures and humidity between 85-90%.

    This blend is ideal for mushrooms with slower growth cycles like Shiitake, Maitake, Woodear, and Reiishi.


    • Composition: 20% rice bran, 2% gypsum, 78% hardwood
    • Weight:  4.5 LBS