Who is Redwood Mushroom Supply?

We’re a small, dedicated team of mushroom lovers committed to bringing you the best mushroom cultivation products around.

We believe that no matter where you live, no matter how small your community, you should have access to the benefits of fresh mushrooms.

We believe that no matter where you live, no matter how small your community, you should have access to the benefits of fresh mushrooms.

We consider ourselves lucky - Redwood Mushroom Supply is headquartered in Sonoma County, a community brimming with gourmet mushrooms and mycology innovators - but not everyone has that luck.

The way we see it, the only way for the benefits of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms to be accessible in every community, is for every community to have mushroom growers.

With 15 years of experience as an independent small business, curating, developing, and manufacturing products for the grow space, we have the unique expertise to help make mushroom growing accessible to all.

Mushrooms for the masses.

Get your grow on

Everyone can grow mushrooms. That’s our core belief at Redwood Mushroom Supply: with access to the right equipment and supplies, and a little knowledge, anyone can learn to cultivate gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. And there’s never been a better time to start.

Fungi on the rise

Mushrooms are having a renaissance right now — a time of rapid discovery that’s captured our imaginations, and the more we learn, the more inspired we are to keep learning. There are more unique gourmet mushrooms to enjoy than ever, and study after scientific study keeps affirming the long-known traditional uses of mushrooms for medicines, boosting wellness, and mental health therapies.

A new frontier

On the cutting edge of this culture shift is a worldwide community of citizen scientists and inspired tinkerers making discoveries and inventing game-changing innovations, freely sharing that information with the world, and making mushroom cultivation accessible to the masses. A whole new frontier is opening up, with so much opportunity and so much yet to learn. It’s a pretty amazing time to fall in love with mushrooms.

Building new roads.

Building new roads.

With new frontiers comes uncertainty - this soft revolution is happening so quickly that trying to keep up can be confusing and overwhelming. With both the information and products scattered across the internet, where do you even get started growing mushrooms? How do you know the products work?

At Redwood Mushroom Supply, we stand behind everything we offer. Our products are rigorously tested in our in-house lab so that we can confidently provide the best products for starting your mushroom cultivation journey and helping it thrive.

Since 2009, we’ve run a small, independent business, working with inventors, brands, customers, and stores, and built a nationwide network that connects them all. We built all this with old-fashioned personal relationships, and consistent, trustworthy service. While Redwood Mushroom Supply is new, we already have the team, infrastructure, and experience that nobody else in the mushroom world can deliver.

We’ll be able to use our network to support innovators in the space, helping them to get their products into the world, create new solutions for cultivation, and amplify their voices. They’re taking a big risk creating something that may very well change the world of mushrooms, and it’s our privilege to support them. By acting as the hub of the wheel between inventors and cultivators of all skill levels, everyone thrives, and we can collectively bring mushroom cultivation into the light.

The future.

The future.

The future of mushrooms is exploding with opportunity, with so many niches – some not even invented yet – that everyone can find their place. It’s humbling and deeply fulfilling to think we might help countless folks discover their passion for mushrooms, supplying local stores and restaurants, creating medicinal and wellness supplements, foods, and drinks, studying mycology, and unlocking all the other wild, unexpected uses for mushrooms.

We’re thrilled to support this curiosity, with crowdsourced exploration that could crack the code of cultivating previously forage-only varieties, and maybe even help save the planet with low-impact mushroom-based foods of the future, biofuels, renewable building and packing materials, and breeding mushrooms that can break down oil spills and plastics.

At Redwood Mushroom Supply, we’re excited to put that power in your hands and help you experience (and maybe even master) the art, science, and wonder of mushroom cultivation.