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    Max Yield Bins Filters

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    Ensure proper airflow to your mushroom fruiting chamber with these convenient reusable adhesive filters, specially designed to fit the 2” holes in your fruiting chamber or monotub.

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    Monotub Filters for Your Bins

    Max Yield Bin™ filters can be applied to your fruiting chamber to give your substrate fresh air while maintaining high humidity levels. Made from 100% recycled material with a strong 3M Adhesive, each filter is designed to perfectly fit the 2” holes on your Max Yield Bin. 

    Air Exchange & Fruiting

    Mushrooms breathe too - they need oxygen and fresh air to achieve the optimal fruiting conditions and maximize yields. Monotub Filters allow Carbon Dioxide produced by mushrooms to escape, while allowing Oxygen in - all the while keeping unwanted contaminants like airborne yeasts/molds out and humidity in. 

    Available as a pack of 24 filters.

    What's the buzz?


    Remove filters from the sheet and apply the adhesive side over the 2” hole on your bins. Replace if soiled or spores are present on the filter after harvest. 


    • Filter Dimensions: 2” Diameter
    • Material: Hydrophobic Recycled Materials