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    All American Pressure Cooker

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    The All-American Pressure Cooker is a reliable, cost-effective way to sterilize mushroom cultivation tools and supplies, helping you eliminate contaminants from your mushroom grow.

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    Easy Sterilization at Home

    Available in five different sizes and in stainless steel or aluminum, the All American Pressure Cooker caters to both small-scale home-based projects and larger operations. Its spacious chamber provides ample room to sterilize substrates, agar plates, and other materials necessary for mushroom cultivation, accommodating your desired batch size.  Its secure gasket-sealed lid and sturdy clamps create a tight seal, allowing for high-pressure steam sterilization to eliminate contaminants effectively.

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    Use only in accordance with the instructions included in the resources tab.


    • Dimensions: 14" x 13" x 14"
    • Capacity: 3 Wide Mouth Quart Jars or 5 Wide Mouth Pint Jars
    • Stove Compatibility: Compatible with all stove types. 
    • Overall Height: 11.75"" 
    • Inside Diameter: 10.25""
    • Capacity: 10.5 Quarts
    • Material: Cast Aluminum, Made in USA
    • Includes:
    • (1) 10.5 QT Model 910 Pressure Cooker
    • (1) canning rack
    • (1) 5, 10 and 15 pound pressure regulator weight
    • Instruction and recipe book.