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    All American Electric Sterilizer

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    The All-American Pressure Sterilizer makes it easy to sterilize mushroom cultivation tools and supplies. Its state-of-the-art design and self-contained heating element allows you to automatically achieve optimal temperatures and pressures for eliminating contamination from your mushroom grow.

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    All American Electric Sterilizer

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    Advanced, Reliable Sterilization

    This electric sterilizer features advanced temperature and pressure controls to ensure automated, precise and consistent sterilization every time. Sterilizers offer more effective sterilization than pressure cookers, and separate the products from the heat source to prevent accidents, melting, and loss of water.  

    The built-in pressure gauge, timer, and adjustable valve help you maintain ideal pressure levels for eliminating contaminants, creating a sterile environment for a thriving mushroom grow. A spacious chamber, available in two sizes, provides ample room to sterilize large quantities of substrates, agar plates, and equipment, ensuring you can scale up your mushroom cultivation operations effortlessly.

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    All-American Sterilizers should always be used in accordance with the instruction manual.

    Refer to the resources section to download a copy.


    Please note: This product contains an internal metal basket to protect contents from potential damage during the conditions required for sterilization - when understanding the capacity of this product, please refer to the "inner container dimensions & capacity" measurements listed below.


    • (1) 14.5 Quart 50X Electric Sterilizer
    • (1) canning racks
    • (1) aluminum basket container
    • Inner Container Dimensions: 8.5" Depth x 12.625" Diameter
    • Inner Container Capacity: 14.5 QT
    • Overall Height: 16.75"
    • Electrical: 120V 3-wire grounded cord and plug
    • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
    • Material: Cast Aluminum, Made in USA