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    Dr. Myc™ Adaptive Liquid Culture PreMix

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    Create your own liquid mushroom culture or spore syringes with ease using Dr. Myc™’s Adaptive Liquid Culture PreMix, which makes 21 pints or 10 Liters of liquid culture mix. This mix is pre-primed for use with Sorghum, Millet, Wheat, and Rye grain bags.

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    Liquid Culture Adapted to Your Grain

    This malt extract-based formula is specially developed with enzymatic adaptations to promote robust mycelial growth and explosive colonization when transferred into grain. Using Dr. Myc’s Adaptive Liquid Culture, customers can expect a simple-to-use product that enables faster-expanding, more highly adapted liquid cultures that are enzymatically adapted for all common grain choices.

    Better Liquid Culture, Better Results

    Whether you use Milo, Rye, Wheat, or Millet as your choice for grain spawn, Dr. Myc™’s Adaptive Liquid Culture PreMix provides your liquid cultures a nutritious feast of carbohydrate options for each of these grain types, driving the enzymatic adaptations necessary for rapid growth when transferred to grain. By priming your liquid culture with compounds found in these grains, your mycelium will adapt faster to their new environment on inoculation, resulting in faster, stronger growth.

    What's the buzz?


    1. Use 1 Gram of Liquid Culture PreMix per 100ml of distilled or RO water. 
    2. Heat slowly and mix using a stir plate or stirring rod, or marble and manual agitation until fully dissolved.
    3. Close jar lid or bottle lid and then open ⅛  turn to equalize pressure during sterilization, and sterilize using a steam sterilizer or pressure cooker. 
    4. Set jar in pressure vessel, and bring pressure vessel to 15 PSI. Once at 15 PSI, set a timer for 20 minutes or for 30 minutes if you used cool water. 
    5. Always use caution when operating pressurized vessels and follow the proper procedures for safety and operation. 
    6. After 20 minutes has passed, turn off heat to pressure vessel, but DO NOT VENT. Once at 0 PSI, open pressure vessel and remove LC Premix using appropriate caution & heat protective gear. 
    7. Tighten lid and place in front of a laminar flow hood if available, or on a clean kitchen counter. Let liquid cool down to room temperature, and sanitarily inoculate. Once Mycelium is visible, agitate with stir bar or marble for 10 seconds each day.


    • Weight: 100 Gram Pouch
    • Ingredients:Simple & complex carbohydrates, amino acids & refined natural organic matter