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    Dr. Myc™ Magical Gypsum

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    Dr. Myc™ Magical Gypsum is an important supplement for your mushroom cultivation which provides several benefits, resulting in rapid colonization time for your grain spawn and higher mushroom yields from substrate.

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    Gypsum for Mushroom Cultivation

    Gypsum is an essential component of mushroom substrate and grain designed to support rapid colonization and heavy yields over multiple harvests. Gypsum aids in water retention, helps regulate pH levels in your substrate mix, and increases nutrient uptake.

    Dr. Myc™’s combines gypsum and a carefully formulated blend of other components like humic acid, biochar, sucrose, and MGP Microbes to create MAGICAL GYPSUM - scientifically developed to work like magic, and providing you with an elevated mushroom cultivation experience from start to finish. Take your mushroom grow to the next level with Dr. Myc™ Magical Gypsum!

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    For Grain Spawn, add 2g Magical Gypsum to 200g Grain in jars, or 0.35 oz per pound of grain.

     For Substrate, add 14 grams Magical Gypsum per pound of hydrated substrate you intend to make. 

    CVG Substrate Ratios: 

    When mixing CVG substrates from dry, add 14 grams Magical Gypsum per 90 grams of dehydrated coco coir, 28g vermiculite, and 324ml water to make one pound of CVG substrate. 

    For standard five pound bags, you will need 70 grams of Magical Gypsum, 450 grams dehydrated coco coir, 140g vermiculite, and 1,620g of water(1.6 Liters).


    • Weight: 1 Lb.

    Ingredients:Mycology-grade gypsum fines, humic acid, microbe blend