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    Lion's Mane Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringe

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    Our Lion’s Mane strain is a hardy, commercially viable strain with dense fruits designed to give you a farm-fresh Lion’s Mane mushroom in your home grow. This strain is a fast fruiter and heavy yielder that is great for growers of all skill levels.
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    Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus)

    Lion's Mane is known for its unique, shaggy appearance resembling a white pom-pom. It’s also a rare trifecta: easily cultivated and sought both for health and gourmet uses, with documented cognitive and neurological health benefits and a rich seafood-like flavor often compared to crab or lobster. Naturally, this unique mushroom grows on hardwood trees in temperate forests across the world. 

    Our Lion’s Mane strain is an excellent example of the potential of this mushroom, with high yields and large clusters when grown on fast-fruiting mixes. It’s a hardy and commercially viable strain that performs very well with moderate to high airflow and high humidity to support the growth of large fruit clusters. 

    Lion’s Mane fruit bodies can be cooked and consumed as a meat substitute, or dried and powdered for use as a health supplement, making it a versatile mushroom that anyone can grow at home!

    About Our Cultures

    All RMS Liquid Cultures are prepared from early-generation slants and plates from our culture bank. These cultures are then expanded into liquid culture using lab-quality inputs, ensuring a vigorous culture ready for further expansion or immediate use. 

    Each culture is hand packaged in a clean-air laboratory environment, batch tracked, and quality assured to ensure your culture is contaminant-free and ready to use. If you ever have any issues with our cultures or any questions, feel free to contact us and we can put you in touch with our in-house mycologist.

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    Our liquid cultures can be injected directly into a wood-based substrate bag with injection port, or into grain bags/jars for expansion and spawn-to-bulk transfers. 

    NOTE: Wood-loving species can be added to wood substrates without the need for a grain transfer - to get more mileage out of your culture, inoculate grain and add to your substrates in a still air box or flow hood at a  5-10% grain to substrate ratio.

    Liquid Culture Instructions

    • PREPARE YOUR ENVIRONMENT:  Wash your hands and put on a pair of disposable gloves. Use a laminar flow hood or a still air box for best results. Thoroughly clean your workspace and gloves with 70% isopropyl alcohol. 
    • DISINFECT PACKAGING: Spray syringe and needle packaging thoroughly with 70% isopropyl alcohol. 
    • ASSEMBLE SYRINGE: Remove the cap from the liquid culture syringe and attach the needle, twisting to lock it in place. Leave the guard on the needle until you’re ready to inoculate. 
    • DISINFECT GRAIN JARS OR BAGS: Disinfect items to be inoculated with 70% isopropyl alcohol.
    • INOCULATE: Carefully remove the needle guard and inject the culture. For best results, use a new needle for each injection or flame sterilize between uses. 
    • For smaller grain jars, use 3-5mL of liquid culture per jar. 
    • For larger bags of grain or wood substrate (3 lbs+) use 10mL of liquid culture per bag. 


    Fruiting Preferences:

    Substrate: Hardwood, Fast Fruiting/Masters Mix

    Temperature: 65-75°F

    Humidity: 90-95%

    Fresh Air Exchange: High

    CO2 Tolerance: 500-1,000 ppm

    NOTE: The growing instructions and predicted yields in our details and technical specifications are based on our observations and may vary based on your growing method and environment.