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    Max Yield Bin V1 Monotub

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    The Max Yield Bin™ is the original ready-to-use monotub designed specifically for mushroom cultivation, with optimal airflow and humidity control. Bins can easily be washed & sterilized for reuse, and are stackable for space-efficient storage.
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    Effortless Environment Control

    Max Yield Bin Monotubs are the easiest way to create the ideal environment for mushroom cultivation. Simply mix colonized grain with substrate and add to your monotub. Max Yield Bin filters help regulate airflow and maintain humidity during colonization and fruiting for a bountiful, no-hassle harvest. 

    Specially Designed for Mushroom Cultivation

    No more wasted money on cracked bins, or time spent drilling your own holes. The Max Yield Bin monotub comes pre-drilled with eight 2” holes in the specially designed lid to maximize airflow in the fruiting canopy, as well as smaller holes in the bottom bin all the way around the base to allow for airflow at the surface of the substrate. 

    Modular Design

    Max Yield Bin Monotubs are compatible with several accessories designed to improve your growing experience, like the Colonizer lid. V1 and V2 lids fit the same base. Additional accessories are available for real-time data monitoring of conditions in your tub. 

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    • Dimensions: 22.5” L x 15.5” W x 12” H
    • Made in Canada