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    Microppose Adhesive Jar Filters

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    These fully autoclavable filter discs from Microppose prevent unwanted spores and particulates while allowing for the exchange of fresh air to promote mycelial growth. Perfect for culturing mushroom spawn or liquid culture.

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    Maintain optimal airflow into your mycology jars without fear of contamination, using Microppose Adhesive Jar Filters. 

    Adhesive jar filter discs allow for air exchange to promote mycelial growth while preventing unwanted spores and airborne particulates from entering sterile grain spawn or liquid culture. Air exchange promotes stronger mycelium and more rapid growth.

    Each adhesive disc is fully autoclavable, hydrophobic, and oleophobic to prolong their lifespan during use, shielding your filters from exposure to water & other liquids. The strong adhesive ensures your filters stay in place for multiple cycles, but can be easily replaced if the need arises. 

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    To use your Adhesive Jar Filter Discs, drill a ¼”-⅜” hole into a standard lid and apply your adhesive disc to the top of the jar - each filter is fully autoclavable and sterilizable, but you can use foil or a silicone jar lid cover to protect your filters during the sterilization process.

    Inspect your filters before use! If your filter appears damaged, significantly warped, or dirty, you should replace it with a fresh filter before sterilization.


    • Filter Width: 20MM
    • Autoclave Ready: Fully Autoclavable, High-temperature resistance
    • Material: Hydrophobic and oleophobic 100% recycled plastic materials