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    Microppose Laboratory Polyfilm Roll

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    Easily seal petri dishes and liquid cultures with polyfilm, an economical alternative to Parafilm that keeps mycology cultures sealed and protected.

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    Microppose Laboratory Polyfilm Roll

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    Seal Cultures, Petri Dishes, and More

    Microppose clear polyfilm is easy to use, cost-effective, and hassle-free. With a predictable stretch tension and less obstruction of your plates, this polyfilm is ideal for ensuring sterilization around petri dish edges and liquid culture lids. This product comes in 1.25” width x 280’ length rolls for ease of application.

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    1. Peel edge of roll and press firmly against surface of the lid or dish you want to seal.Β 

    1. Pull gently to stretch the wrap as you rotate the vessel or lid in your hand.Β 
    2. When the material shows resistance, place your thumb to hold it on the vessel and take more material from the roll.Β 
    3. Repeat this process until 2-3 full wraps have been completed.


    • Roll Dimensions: 1.25” Wide, 280 Foot Long Roll

    Material: Clear stretchable polyfilm