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    Microppose Silicone Jar Covers

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    Autoclavable and reusable, these jar covers are an alternative to foil and generate less waste in use. They are designed to withstand the pressures and temperatures of sterilization, protecting your

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    Microppose Silicone Jar Covers

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    Use Less Foil with Silicon Jar Covers

    Preserve jar lids, filters, and injection ports when sterilizing and autoclaving with silicone jar covers. Theyโ€™re a more effective alternative to foil - saving money over time and creating significantly less waste. These jar covers are perfect for the budding mycologist, and are designed for wide-mouth lids. The sturdy silicone design holds up to extreme temperatures and pressure while protecting lids from excessive exposure to steam and water.

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    Carefully apply to wide-mouth jar lids prior to sterilization.


    • Lid Diameter: 90MM (Wide Mouth Jar)
    • Autoclave Ready: Fully Autoclavable, High-temperature resistance
    • Material: Food Grade High-Temperature Resistant Black Silicone