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    Microppose Jar Filter Discs

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    These Jar Filter Discs from Microppose fit within the rim of your jar lid, enabling fresh air exchange in your mushroom spawn or liquid culture jar while keeping out contaminants. These fully autoclavable jar filter lids are perfect for promoting rapid growth of mycelium during mushroom cultivation.

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    Microppose Jar Filter Discs

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    Filters for Large Grain Spawn Jars

    Jar Filter Discs can be placed on top of a jar with ¼” holes to allow for maximum airflow in inoculated grain without compromising the environment. These are a great option for mycologist’s larger grain or spawn batches, as well as mycelium that thrive in higher oxygen environments or require a longer period of incubation.

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    Place on top of a drilled jar lid insert for mason jars, then screw the ring onto the jar to hold the lid filter in place.

    To wash, use a damp cloth with warm water.


    • Size: Fits 90mm Wide Mouth jars
    • Autoclave Ready: Fully Autoclavable, High-temperature resistance

    Material: Synthetic; Hydrophobic and oleophobic 70% recycled plastic materials