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    MushroomSupplies Grow Kit In-A-Bag PLUS

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    The no-fuss way to cultivate mushrooms! Just add spores or liquid culture to the MushroomSupplies Grow Kit In-A-Bag PLUS, and watch the magic happen without risk of contamination. The PLUS grow bag has been reengineered with a wider horizontal filter that optimizes fresh air exchange, for healthier mushrooms and better harvests.

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    MushroomSupplies Grow Kit In-A-Bag PLUS

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    The Easiest Way to Grow Mushrooms

    This grow kit includes everything you need to grow mushrooms– just add spores or liquid culture! This specially formulated blend of sterilized grain and manure-based substrate mix contains everything dung-loving mushroom types need to grow from start to finish!

    High Yield Grain & Substrate Mix

    Developed by a team of mycologists for rapid colonization and maximum yields, this mix is the optimal blend of sterilized millet grain and mushroom substrate fortified with all the nutrients mycelium needs. Millet helps to maximize the surface area for mycelium to grow, while the substrate mixture contains the perfect ratio of premium manure, coco coir, vermiculite, and gypsum. 

    Lab-Quality Mushroom Bags + Injection Port

    This lab-quality mushroom grow bag has an improved, larger horizontal 0.2 micron filter, allowing for the optimal air exchange without risk of contamination. This means you can grow your mushrooms start-to-finish right in the bag!

    Grow a Wide Variety Of Mushrooms

    A versatile, sterile and safe environment for growing a wide variety of dung-loving mushrooms.

    Superior Sterilization Process

    With a best-in-class, proprietary sterilization process that includes hospital-grade sterility testing, Mushroom Supplies elevates the sterilization standard and takes pride in delivering the safest, high-grade solutions to your mushroom cultivation needs.

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    1. Inject bag with 10 ccs of liquid culture.
    2. Shake bag when 50% colonized. (around 2-4 weeks)
    3. Harvest up to three flushes of mushrooms!


    • Ingredients: Organic Coco Coir, Organic Vermiculite, Organic Colorado Grown Millet, Organic Compost and Organic Pelletized Gypsum 
    • Bag Type: .2 Micron Filter Bag w/ Injection port
    • Weight: 5 Lbs
    • Sterilized?: Yes

    Use to Grow: Dung-Loving Mushrooms