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    MushroomSupplies Monotub Starter Bundle

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    A complete mushroom cultivation kit that gives you everything you need to get started growing mushrooms featuring MushroomSupplies premium substrate and grain & a complete Max Yield Bin Kit. Just add liquid culture or spores.
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    MushroomSupplies Monotub Starter Bundle

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    The Complete Starter Kit

    The MushroomSupplies Monotub Mushroom Grow Kit Bundle is the easiest way to get started growing mushrooms. Each kit includes everything you need - A Max Yield Bin V2 Tapered, specially designed for cultivating great mushrooms, along with filters to control airflow and humidity levels, bin liners for easy cleanup, and all the sterilized grain and substrate your mushrooms need to thrive - just add liquid culture or spores!

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    • Max Yield Bin V2 Tapered (1)
    • (1) Bin Filters - set of 24
    • (1) Bin Liners - set of 5
    • (2) Sterilized Substrate Bags (5 lb each)
    • (1) Sterilized Grain Bag with Injection Port (3 lb)