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    MushroomSupplies Growing Substrate

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    Achieve consistently high yields with this proprietary substrate blend, specially designed to provide mushrooms with all the nutrients necessary for healthy growth and bountiful harvests.

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    MushroomSupplies Growing Substrate

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    High Yield Substrate 

    A proprietary mix developed by a team of mycologists. Contains the perfect ratio of Premium Manure, Vermiculite, Coco Coir, and Gypsum.

    Perfect For Medicinal and Dung-Loving Mushrooms

    This substrate is fortified with all the nutrients your mycelium needs to mature from spore to fruiting mushrooms.

    Lab-Quality Grow Bag

    The lab-quality mushroom grow bag has a 0.2 micron filter, allowing for optimal air exchange without risk of contamination.

    What's the buzz?


    Mix 5 LBS of substrate for every 3 lbs of colonized grain.

    1. Fully colonize a bag of grain with mushroom mycelium.
    2. Mix colonized grain and substrate in a monotub or grow bag.
    3. Store until mixture is fully colonized.
    4. Allow for air flow in your chosen environment.
    5. Harvest mushrooms once they fruit.


    • Ingredients: Organic Coco Coir, Organic Vermiculite, Organic Colorado Grown Millet, Organic Compost and Organic Pelletized Gypsum 
    • Bag Type: .2 Micron Filter
    • Sterilized?: Yes
    • Use to Grow:: Dung-Loving Mushrooms