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    MushroomSupplies Mycomultiplier™ Yield Booster

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    This durable X-shaped band helps reduce side pinning when using mushroom grow bags, reducing wasted energy and maximizing yields.

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    Maximize Mushroom Output

    Reduce side pinning with the MycoMultiplier™ Yield Booster from MushroomSupplies!

    When paired with a mushroom grow bag, the MycoMultiplier™ helps reduce side pinning and drives fruit production where you want it. 

    Targeted Growth Control

    The innovative X-shaped band wraps around the middle section of your growing medium, effectively halting the growth of energy-wasting mini mushrooms that can sprout along the inner sides of your bag.

    Optimal Size and Shape

    Carefully engineered for optimal tension, the MycoMultiplier™ ensures robust growth without disturbing the delicate network of mycelium, applying consistent pressure as the substrate shrinks naturally. 

    Unique "X" Design

    Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional rubber bands. The MycoMultiplier™'s "X" shape provides unmatched coverage, keeping side-pinning in check and allowing your mushrooms to flourish freely.

    Durable and Reusable

     Each package includes five MycoMultiplier™ bands, built to last and ready for multiple uses.

    What's the buzz?


    Apply to bag as pictured just before fruiting begins to reduce side pinning.


    Material: Silicone