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    MushroomSupplies Sterilized Mushroom Grain Bag

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    This proprietary blend of perfectly hydrated sterilized millet and hardwood oak sawdust aids rapid mycelium colonization for a wide variety of medicinal and gourmet mushroom species.

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    Sterilized Millet Blend

    Each MushroomSupplies grain bag contains a proprietary blend of perfectly hydrated sterilized millet and hardwood oak sawdust for extremely fast colonization and maximized yields.

    Easy to Use

    Perfect for inoculation via spore injection, grain-to-grain, or by adding agar directly to the bag. Works great for at-home hobbyists and large-scale cultivators.

    Lab-Quality Grow Bag + Injection Port

    The lab-quality mushroom grow bag has a 0.2 micron filter, allowing for the perfect air exchange without risk of contamination.

    Medicinal and Gourmet Mushrooms

    Perfect for a wide-variety of medicinal and gourmet mushrooms. This special blend provides the nutrients mycelium need to thrive!

    What's the buzz?


    Mix 5 LBS of MushroomSupplies substrate for every 3 LBS of colonized grain for growing dung-loving mushrooms. 

    For Gourmet Edible and Functional Mushrooms, use at least .5 Lbs of grain per 5 Lbs of Substrate (~10-15% Spawn to Substrate Ratio).

    1. Inoculate grain bag with liquid culture syringe
    2. Store for a few weeks to fully colonize the bag of grain with mushroom mycelium.
    3. Mix colonized grain and substrate in a monotub or grow bag.
    4. Store until mixture is fully colonized.
    5. Allow for air flow in your chosen environment.
    6. Harvest mushrooms once they fruit.


    • Ingredients: Organic Colorado Grown Millet, Oak Sawdust
    • Bag Type: .2 Micron Filter w/ Injection port
    • Sterilized?: Yes

    Use to Grow: Gourmet & Edible Mushrooms; Dung-Loving Mushrooms