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    Dr. Myc™ PlateMate High Contrast Agar

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    Dr. Myc™ PlateMate High Contrast Agar allows you to easily make your agar for culturing at home or in your lab. The premixed formula eliminates guesswork and uses lab-grade ingredients normally unavailable to many mushroom cultivators, simplifying the agar production process.

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    Agar for Mycology Made Easy

    Dr Myc’s Platemate Agar is the perfect way to create your own culture plates and reliably propagate laboratory-quality mushroom spores. Using a proprietary Agar formation, Dr Myc’s Platemate Agar encourages healthy and rapid growth of nearly any mushroom spore or tissue culture, with a high-contrast black color that aids identification of mycelium and catching potential contaminants. Build a genetic library and and cultivate new strains with ease!

    Economical High-Contrast PreMix

    Fortified with biochar and carbon sources, PlateMate Agar comes in a natural black color for easy identification of mycelium and provides the perfect amount of nutrition for strong, rapid growth. Each 100g bag makes approximately 80 agar plates - just measure and mix and you’re ready to start!

    What's the buzz?


    Use 12.5g of Pre-Mix Agar per 250mL of distilled or RO water and mix thoroughly using a stir plate. Heat mixture to just boiling while stirring, then sterilize in a pressure cooker or steam sterilizer. Allow to cool to a safe pouring temperature before pouring into sterile Petri dishes or vessels.


    • Weight: 100 Grams
    • Ingredients: Proprietary Blend of Agar, Nutrients, and Carbon Sources