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    MycoBoost Growth Accelerator

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    Silly Myco’s Myco Boost Growth Accelerator is a specially formulated blend of nutrient sources that can be easily incorporated into your agar or liquid culture mix for improved mycelial growth.

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    Supercharged Culture Growth

    Myco Boost Growth Accelerator gives mycologists and mushroom cultivators an added source of nutrients for improving mycelial growth speed and strength, whether propagating mycelium in liquid culture or agar. This easy-to-use lab-grade mixture contains a proprietary powdered blend of ingredients, carefully selected to provide the correct balance of nutrients when added to existing agar and liquid culture formulations.

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    Use 1.5-2% by weight when adding to agar or liquid culture formulas. 

    Quick Reference: 

    1.5% = 1.5g/100 ml Distilled or RO Water


    • Weight: 120 Grams

    Ingredients:  Proprietary formulation of nutrient sources