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    MycoPro 1200 Agar Agar

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    MycoPro 1200 Agar Agar from Silly Myco is a high gel strength agar that can be combined with other MycoPro nutritional additives for producing your own agar plates and slants.

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    MycoPro 1200 Agar Agar

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    Optimized For Mushroom Culture Work

    Silly Myco Myco Pro 1200 Agar Agar is designed for mycologists looking for a reliable base agar formulation that is optimized for culture work. The high gel strength of 1200g/cm2 makes it easy to manipulate and cut whether you are using a scalpel or an agar punch to do your culturing. The base formula can be easily fortified with nutrients like peptone, sugars, Sorghum Extract, Myco Boost, or Liquid Culture Pre-Mix formulas to have your plate cultures adapt to their liquid cultures during expansion.ย 

    MycoPro: Lab-Grade Inputs

    In the realm of mycology, where precision and consistency are paramount, the selection of lab ingredients is a critical step in ensuring the quality and reproducibility of results. MycoPro's carefully curated range of lab ingredients has been meticulously chosen to meet the exacting standards of mycologists and researchers while being accessible.

    What's the buzz?


    Use 40g of Pre-Mix Agar per 800mL of Distilled or RO water and mix thoroughly using a stir plate.ย 

    Heat mixture to boiling while stirring, then sterilize in a pressure cooker or steam sterilizer. Allow to cool to a safe pouring temperature before pouring into sterile Petri dishes or vessels.


    • Size: 120 Grams
    • Ingredients: Lab-Grade Agar Agar Powder