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    MycoPro Peptone

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    MycoPro Peptone from Silly Myco is a nutritional additive rich in amino acids. This lab-grade powder can be added to agar and liquid culture to support the growth of mycelium.

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    What is Peptone? 

    Peptone is a mixture of amino acids, peptides (which are small chains of amino acids), and a few other nutrients. It's made when enzymes break down natural proteins through a process called hydrolysis. The end result is a product rich in available amino acids and essential nutrients which support healthy mycelium growth when added to agar or liquid culture formulas. 

    MycoPro Peptone is a convenient, high-quality powder product that allows you to use Peptone in your home lab with the same quality of inputs you’d find in a GMP or professional setting. 

    MycoPro: Lab-Grade Inputs

    In the realm of mycology, where precision and consistency are paramount, the selection of lab ingredients is a critical step in ensuring the quality and reproducibility of results. MycoPro's carefully curated range of lab ingredients has been meticulously chosen to meet the exacting standards of mycologists and researchers while being accessible to all.

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    Good quality product at a decent price

    1 gram per liter produced a ton of mycelium in an aerated liquid culture set up.


    Use at a rate of 0.2% for agar-based mediums and 0.02% for liquid culture formulas.

    Quick Reference: 

    • 0.2% = .2g / 100mL Distilled Water
    • 0.02% = .02g / 100mL Distilled Water


    • Size: 120 Grams

    Ingredients: Lab-Grade Peptone Derived from Animal Products