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    MycoPro Silly Pre-Mix Agar

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    MycoPro Silly Pre-Mix Agar powder contains everything you need to pour your own agar plates for mushroom cultivation and mycology work. This powdered mix contains a high-strength agar with an ideal blend of nutrient sources specially selected to promote mycelial growth and adaptation.
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    Fortified, Lab-Quality Agar Mix

    Silly Myco Pre-Mix Agar is a no-fuss solution to agar production for use in your mycology lab. Easily pour your own plates and be confident that your mix has the perfect balance of nutrients for any species of mushroom. This blend is fortified with Silly Myco Myco Boost Growth Accelerator, and performs exceptionally well when used with the Silly Pre-Mix Liquid Culture for expansion from agar to liquid culture. 

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    Use 40g of Pre-Mix Agar per 800mL of Distilled or RO water and mix thoroughly using a stir plate. Heat mixture to boiling while stirring, then sterilize in a pressure cooker or steam sterilizer. Allow to cool to a safe pouring temperature before pouring into sterile Petri dishes or vessels.


    • Weight: 120 Grams
    • Ingredients: Proprietary Blend of Agar Powder with nutrient sources