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    MycoPro Silly Pre-Mix Liquid Culture

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    Create your own laboratory-grade liquid culture for mushroom cultivation with ease using Silly Pre-Mix Liquid Culture. This easy-to-use powder provides a reliable, high-performance base formula which promotes optimal mycelial growth in liquid culture for rapid expansion or inoculation.
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    No-Stress Liquid Culture

    Silly Myco Pre-Mix Liquid Culture offers mushroom cultivators of all skill levels a predictable, high-performance nutrient mixture for liquid culture to promote mycelial growth. This blend is ideal for new mycologists learning to make their own liquid culture, as well as experienced mycologists looking for consistent, predictable results for production and R&D. The quality of ingredients used helps create clearer liquid cultures with the proper nutrient balance for optimal mycelial growth. 

    Lab Grade Ingredients at Home

    In mycology, where precision and consistency are paramount, selecting lab ingredients is a critical step in ensuring the quality and reproducibility of results. Silly Myco carefully curates their range of lab ingredients, meticulously selecting them to meet the exacting standards of mycologists and researchers.

    What's the buzz?


    Add at a rate of 1.0-1.5% by weight to distilled or RO water when making liquid culture. Mix until fully dissolved, then sterilize before inoculation using a pressure cooker or sterilizer. 

    Quick Reference:

    1.0-1.5% = 1 - 1.5 grams/ 100 ml Distilled or RO Water


    • Size: 120 Grams
    • Ingredients: Proprietary Liquid Culture Blend