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    MycoPro Sorghum Extract

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    Increase mycelial colonization speed with Silly Myco Sorghum Extract. Just add this specially formulated powder to liquid culture and agar formulations for drastically improved results when colonizing sorghum-based sterilized grain.
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    MycoPro Sorghum Extract

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    Prime Your Cultures for Sorghum

    Silly Mycoโ€™s Sorghum Extract can be added to your existing liquid culture and agar formula as a nutrient source or as a general additive. Priming your cultures for inoculation into sorghum grains familiarizes them with their future food source,ย  resulting in faster colonization times and stronger mycelial growth when going from agar or liquid culture into grain spawn.

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    Incorporate at a rate of 4% for agar-based mediums and 2% for liquid culture formulas.ย 

    Quick Reference:ย 

    • 4% = 4g / 100ml Distilled Water
    • 2% = 2g / 100ml Distilled Water


    • Weight: 120 Grams
    • Ingredients: Spray-Dried Bicolor sorghum extract powder