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    Spawn Magic All-in-One Mushroom Grow Bag

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    When it comes to growing mushrooms, nothing is easier than All-in-One, which combines everything you need to cultivate dung-loving mushrooms from start to finish in one 5 lb bag! 

    Easily use the bag’s handy injection port to inoculate with a liquid culture or spore syringe, preventing exposure to outside microbes. Growing mushrooms this way requires fewer steps and less stress about contamination, making this product ideal for novice mushroom cultivators and casual hobbyists.

    All-in-One combines hydrated sterilized sorghum grain, evenly dispersed into a careful blend of CVG (coco coir, vermiculite, gypsum) bulk substrate, optimized for pH and hydrated to capacity.

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    Grow Your Own Dung-Loving Mushrooms Directly in the Bag

    The All-in-One Mushroom Grow Bag makes it easy to grow mushrooms right in the bag. Just add liquid culture or spore syringe (not included) and you can cultivate many types of dung-loving mushrooms with minimal effort or cleanup required.

    High Moisture Content for Large Yields

    High moisture content helps mushroom mycelium expand and absorb nutrients more efficiently, which means bigger first and second flushes. All-in-One is hydrated to its maximum field capacity (60% moisture) to help your mushrooms attain maximum yields.

    Evenly Dispersed Grain for Faster Colonization

    Sterilized sorghum grain is evenly dispersed throughout the CVG substrate, acting as nutrient-rich nodes for a mycelial growth network, allowing your mushroom to colonize the entire substrate quickly and thoroughly.

    Unicorn XLS-T Bag with Easy to Use Injection Port

    The All-in-One Sterilized Grain and Substrate comes in a Unicorn XLS-T bag with a 0.2-micron filter patch and an easy-to-use injection port for contamination-free inoculation with a liquid culture or spore syringe.

    Minimal Maintenance Required, Perfect for Novice Growers

    With fewer steps and less maintenance required than other methods of growing mushrooms, the All-in-One is ideal for novice growers and casual hobbyists. Once you’ve introduced the liquid culture, the mushrooms pretty much grow themselves.

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    Usage Instructions: Inoculate, wait, and harvest. Breaking up the mycelium  once partially colonized (about 25%) is recommended. Remember to re-shape your block after breaking up the substrate, then wait about 2 more weeks.  Once mushrooms begin to grow, you can cut small slits into the bag to provide fresh air to your mushrooms. 

    The approximate time from inoculation to the first flush and harvest is 30-60 days. This may vary greatly depending on species, strain, and temperature/lighting of the environment.

    After the first harvest, the block should be soaked in water for 5 hours, and then allowed to drain before being put in a fruiting environment once again. Fruiting a second and sometimes a third flush is standard practice, but yields will decrease about 50% on each flush. 

    Alternatively, after the first harvest, the block may be carefully broken apart and used for propagation as you would in grain-to-grain transfers.


    • Ingredients: Sterilized sorghum grain, coco coir, vermiculite, gypsum, water
    • Sterilized and ready to use
    • Weight: 5 Lbs
    • Packaging: Unicorn XLS-T Bag with 0.2 Micron Filter & Injection Port


    Spawn Magic All-in-One 5lb