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    Spawn Magic CVG Mushroom Substrate

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    If you’re cultivating dung-loving mushroom species, Spawn Magic CVG is the ideal bulk substrate. Formulated from a careful mix of CVG (coco coir, vermiculite, gypsum), this substrate is optimized for high moisture retention and airy structure. pH balanced with gypsum, hydrated to field capacity, and sterilized to be shelf stable, Spawn Magic CVG offers a nutrient-rich bulk substrate for monotubs and more.

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    High Water Retention for High Yields

    Dung-loving mushrooms tend to do best in growing environments with a lot of moisture, allowing easy breakdown of nutrients. Vermiculite and gypsum help with water retention and aeration, giving your mushrooms the ideal combination of air and water.

    pH Balanced and Fully Hydrated

    Spawn Magic CVG substrate is hydrated to the limit of the substrate’s holding capacity, creating optimum conditions for mycelial growth. The addition of gypsum also aids the regulation of pH balance in the substrate. A careful ratio of 5 lbs of CVG substrate to 3 lbs of grain spawn strikes the ideal balance between nutrient density and moisture content. The result? Swift colonization and bountiful yields.

    Sterilized for Shelf Stability

    Each package of Spawn Magic CVG substrate is sterilized to eliminate outside contamination, leading to healthier harvests. Sterilization also extends the substrate’s shelf life, so you can use it when you’re ready.

    Packed in XLS-T Unicorn Bag with 0.2 Micron Filter

    Spawn Magic CVG Substrate comes in a Unicorn XLS-T bag with a 0.2-micron filter patch.

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    Use as a bulk substrate for dung-loving mushrooms. Add colonized grain spawn in a still-air box or in front of a flow hood to prevent contamination during spawn-to-bulk transfers. Utilize a 2:1 ratio of substrate to grain where possible. Re-seal after adding grain and shake to mix, then re-shape into a block.


    • Ingredients: Coco coir, vermiculite, gypsum, water
    • Weight: 5 Lbs
    • Sterilized and ready to use
    • pH balanced
    • Hydrated to field capacity
    • Packaging: XLS-T Unicorn Bag with 0.2 Micron Filter


    SpawnMagic CVG 5lb