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    Spawn Magic Sterilized Sorghum Mushroom Grain Bag

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    This sterilized and fully hydrated Red Milo sorghum grain gives mushroom mycelium the ideal nutrient package and particle size for healthy spawn growth. The 3 lb bag features a 0.2 micron filter patch for airflow and an injection port for contamination-free inoculation.

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    Hydrated Sterilized Grain 

    This careful selection of high protein sorghum grain is sterilized and hydrated to optimize rapid inoculation and colonization by mushroom mycelium, and an injection port that allows easy inoculation via culture syringe while preventing outside contamination.

    Filter Patch Optimizes Airflow

    The 3 lb Unicorn bag of sterilized grain comes with a 0.2 micron filter patch to allow for ideal airflow without contamination.

    Injection Port for Convenient, Contamination-Free Inoculation

    The bag also features an injection port for convenient Inoculation with liquid culture or spore syringe.  This makes inoculation simple and hassle-free, with greatly reduced risk of contamination by outside microbes.

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    For Dung-loving mushrooms, mix one 3 lb bag of colonized grain spawn into a 5 lb bag of substrate. In general, use a 2:1 ratio of substrate to grain where possible. 

    For Gourmet Edible and Functional Mushrooms, use at least .5 lbs of grain per 5 lbs of Substrate (~10-15% spawn to substrate ratio).

    1. Inoculate grain bag with liquid culture syringe.
    2. Store for a few weeks to fully colonize the bag of grain with mushroom mycelium.
    3. Mix colonized grain and substrate in a monotub or substrate bag.
    4. Store until mixture is fully colonized.
    5. Allow for air flow in your chosen environment.
    6. Harvest mushrooms once they fruit.


    • Ingredients: Hydrated sorghum (water, sorghum)
    • Weight: 3 Lbs 
    • Sterilized and ready to use
    • Packaging: Unicorn 10T Bag with 0.2 Micron Filter & Injection Port


    Spawn Magic Grain 3lb