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    Sterile Petri Dishes

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    Prepare your agar plates with our sterile petri dishes. Our petri dishes are super sturdy and economical, offering better performance and durability than dishes twice their cost. Each pack of 10 is packaged on a fully automated HEPA-filtered assembly line and EO Gas sterilized to ensure it is 100% Sterile.
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    Say Goodbye to Sub-Par Petri Dishes 

    Our team has used the same budget dishes for mycology for years, with regular issues like breaking, cracking, and punctured bags from big-name manufacturers who overcharge for their plates. We went out and sourced our own petri dishes to bring them to the world at an affordable price that doesn’t sacrifice quality, and we are thrilled to offer them to you!

    Attention to Detail for Better Dishes

    Our disposable Petri Dishes consist of heavy-duty E.O. sterilized plastic, and weigh in at 13.7 grams per dish. The plastic used is optimized for clear visibility into the dish and dissipates condensation quickly for maximum visibility. Each batch of 10 petri dishes is securely packaged in a form-fitting sleeve on a fully automated HEPA filtered automated assembly line ensuring perfect packaging and sealing, to reduce the chance of small packaging perforations or poor band seals that go unnoticed and cause contamination. Each form-fitted sleeve also has a tear notch, meaning it is easier to open and requires no sharp objects or dangerous jerky movements while opening in your laminar flow or SAB environment.

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    Our Petri Dishes are suitable for a variety of mycology applications. 

    Tear the notch of your dishes in a controlled environment (such as a still air box or under a laminar flow hood) when you are ready to use. 

    When filling dishes, fill bottom dish about halfway and replace the lid as soon as possible to prevent potential contamination.


    • Size: 90mm Diameter x 15mm Dishes
    • Material: Ultra-Clear Polystyrene
    • Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilization