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    Unicorn Bags™️ Mushroom Grow Bags

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    These autoclavable mushroom grow bags from Unicorn Bags are made of durable polypropylene with an attached filter patch making them ideal for indoor mushroom cultivation and spawn production.

    All bags come in 10 Count Packs. 

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    Unicorn Bags - The Leader in Mushroom Grow Bags

    For over 30 years, Unicorn Bags have led the charge for a convenient, effective solution to mushroom cultivation. With their patented grow bags and advanced fitlers, Unicorn Bags set the standard for protection and performance in mushroom grow bags.

    Sturdy Enough For Your Mushroom Grow

    These autoclavable mushroom grow bags are ideal for indoor mushroom cultivation and spawn production. All bags are made with polypropylene plastic and are designed to withstand high temperatures for autoclaving and sterilization. Each filter is durable enough to survive rough handling without compromising your mushroom blocks.

    Understanding Bag & Filter Types

    Unicorn Bags use a Size/Number distinction for each bag, with the size coming first, followed by one of 3 letters indicating the filter type/size.

    Unicorn Bags offer 3 filter types which you will see indicated by a letter at the end of your bag's label type.

    • "T" Type .2 Micron filters found on the 3T grow bags offer the most protection against contaminants and the least gas exchange - we recommend "T" type filters for grain bags and all-in-one bags.

    • "A" Type .5 Micron filters found on the XLS-A grow bags offer a good balance of protection and gas exchange for in-bag fruiting. These bags are great for dung-loving mushrooms and in-bag fruiters like Reishi

    • "B" Type 5 Micron filters offer the highest level of gas exchange for rapid colonization and fruiting, but are susceptible to contaminants - these are ideal for "fast-fruiting" strains or aggressive colonizers. These bags can also be autoclaved or pressure cooked while still sealed.

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    Recommended use (substrate/spawn):

    • Fill half way, then fold the bag over twice.
    • Make sure the filter is not obstructed.
    • Be careful not to spill any substrate on the upper regions of the bag. If you do, wipe clean.

    ⚠ WARNING:


    Plastic grow bags are designed to withstand high temperatures during sterilization. However prolonged direct contact with the base of an autoclave or pressure cooker can result in damage to bags.

    • Never leave bags unattended in an autoclave or pressure cooker. 
    • Keep bags away from the metal sides of your equipment to avoid damage. 
    • Any sudden change in pressure will cause bags to rupture or burst. 
    • Always allow autoclave or pressure cooker to cool down and depressurize before opening to remove bags.


    • Dimensions: 8" W x 19" H x 5" D
    • Thickness: 2.2 mil
    • Material: Polypropylene
    • Filter: 5 micron