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    Microppose Self-Healing Injection Ports

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    These self-healing injection ports from Microppose are perfect for use in mycology and utilize self-healing rubber.  Ideal for use with liquid culture or grain jars/bags.

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    Versatile Injection Ports for Mycology

    Self-Healing Injection Ports provide a convenient way for mushroom cultivators to inject tissue cultures & spores into sterilized containers or draw from liquid culture vessels. Made of a material that self heals to seal injection sites, it minimizes the risk of contamination to your liquid culture or inoculated grain spawn.

    Manufactured with a strong adhesive backing, these injection ports can be quickly applied, self-sealing your injection sites to minimize contamination risk during the transfer of liquid culture. With their sturdy high temperature resistance, Microppose Self-Healing Injection Ports are fully autoclavable and come in sheets of 50.

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    1. Sanitize the area you intend to place the injection port. Allow it to air dry.
    2. Remove from sheet and apply the injection port to the container.
    3. Before injection, sanitize the injection port surface. Allow it to air dry. Inject your tissue culture into the container.


    • Autoclave Ready: Fully Autoclavable, High-temperature resistance
    • Material: Self-healing rubber